• MISTER ORGAN - Documentary from Award Winning Director David Farrier


  • Bookworm - Another Timpson & Harvard Pic

  • The Great Love - A darkly comic and deeply disturbing love story for the ages

  • When Darkness Loves Us - Based on the novel by Elizabeth Engstrom directed by acclaimed director James Ashcroft

  • Turbo Kid 2 - Sequel to the hugely popular fan favourite.


  • Family Dinner - A young girl is sent to stay with her Aunt's family in the countryside.

  • Come To Daddy - A privileged man-child arrives at the beautiful and remote coastal cabin of his estranged father, whom he hasn't seen in 30 years. He quickly discovers that not only is his dad a jerk, he also has a shady past that is rushing to catch up with him.

  • The Greasy Strangler - A Hollywood tale of jealousy, sex and grease directed by award-winning commercials & Sundance accepted director Jim Hosking

  • Turbo Kid - A Canada/ New Zealand co-production of a high-octane, gore-soaked post-apocalyptic BMX attack. - SOLD TO ALL MAJOR TERRITORIES

  • Deathgasm - An MPI / NZFC splatter horror/black comedy about two heavy metal-thrashing losers who have to find their inner strength to stop a malevolent force which they inadvertently unleashed. - SOLD TO ALL MAJOR TERRITORIES

  • The ABCs Of Death 2 - The second instalment of the hit anthology comes out blasting with an all-new lineup of global genre directors created for Magnolia Pictures. - SOLD TO ALL MAJOR TERRITORIES

  • Housebound - Sentenced to house arrest. If the ghost doesn't kill her, living with her mother will - SOLD TO ALL MAJOR TERRITORIES

  • The ABCs Of Death - Perhaps the most ambitious anthology ever attempted. 26 Filmmakers | 26 Ways to Die - Sales Magnolia Pictures, Sold to Aus/NZ, UK, Spain, Russia, USA, Canada, France, Taiwan, Japan, Germany & more

  • The Devil Dared Me To - Sold to Rialto Distribution Aus/NZ, Wild Bunch UK - Universal/Vivendi USA - BollAG Rest of World

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