Film Archive

Timpson Films maintains The Exploitation Film Archive. A collection housed in New Zealand and Austin of around 3000 prints.

Dedicated to preserving exploitation and offbeat cinema from around the globe. This Archive is a collection of 35mm and 16mm prints that are made available for use only to certified festival programmers, exhibitors and cinematheques.

An issue from the rights holder must be made available before the archive can loan out prints.

A purchase order, company email is required before research is undertaken or material supplied.

The Exploitation Archive must be acknowledged in the credits of: productions, screenings, festivals and associated publicity when using material supplied by the Exploitation Archive.

Clients are liable for any damage to or loss of prints while in their care. Charges involve repair or replacement fees.

All remittances must be in US Dollars (US$).

Most of the collection remains under legal control of the copyright owner and/or depositor. Written permission from the copyright owner and/or depositor is needed prior to this material being supplied. Please note that:

Copyright clearance is your responsibility. Prints will not be loaned out without permission.

List available upon request Email :