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Elijah Wood to Star in ‘Bookworm,’ New Zealand-set Adventure Film Launching at AFM for Mister Smith, CAA (EXCLUSIVE) (14 Feb 2024)

“Lord of the Rings” star Elijah Wood is to return to New Zealand in the leading role of “Bookworm,” a family adventure-comedy to be directed by Ant Timpson (“Turbo Kid,” “The Greasy Strangler,” “The ABCs of Death,” “Come to Daddy”). The project is being launched next week at the American Film Market by sales agent Mister Smith Entertainment.

The film’s story sees 12-year-old Mildred’s life turned upside down when her mother lands in hospital and estranged, American magician father, Strawn Wise (Wood), comes to look after her. Hoping to entertain the bookish tween, Strawn takes Mildred camping in the notoriously rugged New Zealand wilderness. There the pair embark on the ultimate test of family bonding – a quest to find the mythological beast known as the Canterbury Panther.

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Mister Smith Entertainment unveils first look at ‘Bookworm’, starring Elijah Wood and Nell Fisher (exclusive) (14 Feb 2024)

'LOTR' star Wood will return to New Zealand for the family adventure comedy from 'Come to Daddy' director Ant Timpson.

Evil Dead Rise actress Nell Fisher and Bad Sisters actor Michael Smiley are set to join Elijah Wood in Bookworm, a new family adventure comedy from New Zealand director Ant Timpson (Come to Daddy).

Fisher will play Mildred, a 12-year-old girl whose life is turned upside down when her estranged, washed-up American magician father, Strawn Wise (Wood), comes to look after her. Hoping to bond with the tween, Strawn takes Mildred on an ill-advised camping trip into the rugged New Zealand wilderness in a quest to find the mythological beast known as the Canterbury Panther, named after the region on New Zealand’s South Island.

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The World Premiere and Beyond Fest screening saw incredible reviews for David (Tickled) Farrier's new documentary.
Actor Stephen Fry tweeted out it he was shaked and it was a must-see.
It has sold out its Q&A sessions throughout New Zealand.
Huge demand saw the sessions all snapped up within hours.

The official site is right http://www.misterorgan.co.nz here

Our new film from TICKLED director David Farrier gets a World Premiere (20 Aug 2022)

I'm an Exec Producer of the new documentary by Kiwi journalist David Farrier exploring “psychological warfare” that will get a world premier at the renowned Fantastic Fest in Texas. The largest genre film festival in the US, Fantastic Fest is held in Austin, Texas. Farrier’s first film Tickled was featured at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in Utah, USA, and picked up rave reviews from critics. This will be Farrier’s first directorial project since his Dark Tourist Netflix series, released in 2018.

Mister Organ will open in New Zealand cinemas on November 10.

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FAMILY DINNER - World Premiere. (30 Jun 2022)

"Family Dinner" is a new film I am Exec Producer on. I met the filmmakers Peter & Lola many years ago in Zagreb on a mentor workshop and fell in love with their script. The film just premiered at Tribeca and will continue its festival run throughout the world.

Synopsis – Tired of feeling down about her weight, plus-sized 15-year-old Simi (Nina Katlein) heads to her aunt Claudia's house for Easter weekend. Claudia (Pia Hierzegger) is a popular nutritionist who's written best-selling health books, so for Simi, spending a few days together could help change her diet and inspire weight loss. What should've been a nice holiday weekend with family, however, quickly reveals itself to be anything but. Simi's cousin, Filipp (Alexander Sladek), is curiously hostile towards her, while Filipp's stepdad, Stefan (Michael Pink), is curiously the opposite towards Simi, all while Claudia's dietary guidance verges on becoming overly militant. What's causing everyone to act so strangely and aggressively? The answers are even worse than Simi's worst nightmares.