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TOP SECRET (09 Oct 2018)

I have been working on a top secret personal project for the past few years that is finally heading into the final leg.

I look forward to finally announcing it but until then I'll keep busy.

FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL unfurls at festivals (11 May 2018)

Timpson Films latest feature is unfurling at festivals worldwide following its World Preem at SXSW.

Sydney Film Festival
Fantasia Film Festival
Seattle Film Festival
Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival

With many more to come.

HP48HOURS launches this weekend. (11 May 2018)

Now in its 16th year, HP48HOURS is the longest-running and biggest short film festival in New Zealand. It is considered an incubator for the New Zealand film industry. The competition is inclusive, exhilarating and creative. The organiser and the judges embrace experimentation and challenge. Here are some 48 Hour veterans who have thrived in the competition and are running their own NZ production companies.

"When I first entered 48 about 11 years ago, it was something that really helped me get started into filmmaking. Now I run my own video production company that employs a full-time production team. The 48Hours has definitely been instrumental in pushing my love of filmmaking." Calvin Sang – Eyes and Ears

"As out-of-towners for our first 48Hours in 2010, watching our shitty little film on a big screen in front of a packed out heat was huge. Eight years, and 8 x 48Hours later, two of us are now pursuing careers in the independent film world. It's in no small part thanks to 48 Hours, and the confidence the competition gave us to keep creating content through our production company." Finn O'Connor – Couch Kumara

And Ryan Cooper of Muk Puddy, an animation team, says: “competing in 48Hours was a crash course in trusting one’s gut, allowing the best ideas to float to the top and leaving egos at the door. Animation is tough – and even tougher when restricted to such a short time frame – so there was no room for second-guessing or chest puffing, it was a case of letting everyone do what they were good at and that is something we've carried over into our business. Work with talented folks we trust, and trust them to do what they're good at.”

"Ruth and I entered our first 48-Hours together in 2008 with Traces of Nut – that year we won best-disqualified film, we went on to make many 48hour films together before taking out the National prize with Traces of Nut in 2013. We went from project to project (including running the HP48hours competition) and we now have our own production company, working on Television series, films and web videos." Ness Patea and Ruth Korver – Useful Media

Check it all out here


Our anthology on dark folklore is having its World Premiere at this years SXSW.

Strickland & Starke shoot underway. (10 May 2017)

Right at this moment, director Peter Strickland (The Duke of Burgundy, Berberian Sound Studio) and producer Andy Starke (Free Fire, A Field in England) are shooting day 2 of their segment of The Field Guide to Evil in an undisclosed location. A few other productions in other countries are also about to get underway – things are finally kicking into high gear!