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Turbo Kid Selected for Sundance (08 Dec 2014)

The NZ/CAN co-pro I've been working on since late 2011 is finally seeing the light of day. The World Premiere will be at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. I am so happy for the filmmakers and really happy I got in contact with them back in 2011 and suggested working together.

In a rush to see a post-apocalyptic, BMX-powered, blood-splattered love story that follows the epic journey of an orphaned outcast reluctant to be a hero in the wasteland of an alternate future? Then we recommend you book a flight to next year's Sundance Film Festival which, it was announced today, will see the world premiere of Turbo Kid. Written and directed by the filmmaking trio known as RKSS (Anouk Whissell, François Simard, and Yoann-Karl Whissell) the film boasts both the talents of genre legend Michael Ironside and just that premise...

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ABCs OF DEATH 2 wows critics (08 Nov 2014)

The first ABCs OF DEATH received mixed reviews from fans and critics. The sequel has been receiving stellar reviews. The whole team couldn't be happier with this reception.

ABCs OF DEATH 2 Release Worldwide (30 Oct 2014)

ABCs OF DEATH 2 premiered at Fantastic Fest in Austin then had a VOD release 2 weeks later. The sequel has been receiving positive accolades from critics and audiences alike.

The film is on 73% at Rotten Tomatoes.
Rotten Tomatoes

Way Back When (08 Aug 2014)

An article from Sunday Magazine about meeting Shamu and The Fonz in the same day.

Turbo Kid Releases Teaser (21 Jul 2014)

A teaser poster popped up for our film TURBO KID in the Fantasia Film Festival guide. It soon leaked online. The team behind the film are a Montreal collective called RKSS – they have huge support in their hometown of Montreal and the fans there are expecting to see a glimpse of some of the film.