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Bringing the Sleaze to Sundance! (25 Nov 2015)

The Greasy Strangler, the Jim Hosking film I produced with friends has been accepted into the 25th Anniversary of the Midnight section at Sundance.

Obviously we couldn't get a better launch pad for the film so I'm very happy. Been a great journey after co-producer Andy Starke from Rook Films sent me the script over a year ago and said if I could find money for it then lets get it made. That was the challenge set forth. Once Elijah Wood and Tim League read the script things kicked into high gear and the greasy train left the station and didn't stop til we hit the slopes of Park City!.

DEATHGASM joins forces with makers of INTO THE DEAD (22 Oct 2015)

The massively successful game INTO THE DEAD (40,000,000 downloads) by Pik Pok worked with us on implementing some cool DEATHGASM add-ons for in-app purchases for their hit game.

Players could now choose specific and cool gadgets from the film to use within the game. Like the Drill-Tar – a hybrid guitar and drill. Or the Weed-Whacker!

Entertainment Weekly Announces DEATHGASM #1 Halloween Treat (22 Oct 2015)

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